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My mission is to help people unlock their potential


My Story

I founded MediaStar at the age of 17. In 2003 in Kyiv. 


They say “it’s too early to start teaching people”. However My grandpa told me: “there is only one that matters: is there any person you could help? If the answer is yes, here you go. You are on the right track”. So were I. 


I’m glad that I realized my mission in my early 20s. It helps me today to accumulate 20 years of experience in a field that is so important today for many millions of talented and ambitious people. 


However, the only desire is not enough to move the needle. My profession as a teacher is to learn new things constantly, to be a resource myself to share expertise, to help people.

My Expirience

Since 2003, I’ve graduated from the Kyiv Pedagogical University, Kyiv University of Economics and  Kyiv University of Law. Also, I studied at Kiev Institute of Journalism of Taras Shevchenko University and Stanford University.

I got a Ph.D degree in Economics.


I’ve gone all the way up from A to Z in media. I started as a news presenter on Radio Europe Plus and ended up being the head of entertainment shows on the main Ukrainian STB TV channel and a TV presenter of a live political talk show on the First National Ukrainian TV Channel. This is my journey in Journalism.


My Purpose

All my achievements and efforts of all these years have been accomplished for one purpose: to teach my students in Media Star TV School. My Stars. Our future in Journalism. My mission is to help people unlock their potential and light their stars.

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