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MediaStar Legacy


July, 4th - the first class was held in MediaStar TV School

Yurii Dudka, 17-year-old young radiopresenter, founded courses for practicing voice and dj skills.


He started providing private classes of public speaking and voice trainings for everyone.

Founding and early years

Autumn 2003 Yurii Dudka enters the Kyiv Pedagogical University to combine his journalistic experience on radio with teaching. In 2008 he organized MediaStar and the Ukrainian TV channel's STB joint training to train future scriptwriters and journalists for working for major TV channels.

Yurii is the head of the entertainment show department at STB Channel being an executive manager of MediaStar school at the same time .

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Education and partners

Yurii Dudka graduated the Pedagogical University with honors. He enters the faculties of journalism and law and begins to work on a scientific dissertation. Meanwhile, the development of the School for TV presenters, radio hosts and journalists continues.

The circle of cooperation begins to expand, a team of teachers - Ukrainian TV and radio hosts - is being formed. Cooperation with Ukrainian TV channels and radio stations is developing (Europe Plus, Radio Era, STB Channel, Inter, NTN, First National and others become MediaStar customers).

First sucsess

Yurii defends his dissertation for a Doctor of Economics degree. Yurii leaves the position of director of entertaining projects on the STB TV channel. He has decided to focus only on development of TV school. He invests all the money accumulated during his work as a producer and a TV presenter in the development of MediaStar Company.

In cooperation with "Internews" (American grant association for the support of journalists)Yurii opens the Office in Kyiv on Rizhskaya Street. New offices appear and due to the active advertising on the Ukrainian TV market 10 students turn into several thousand of students attending TV presenters Courses.

Dozens of Ukrainian TV presenters begin cooperation with the school as teachers. School students become TV presenters on major Ukrainian TV channels.


Started an online platform

In 2015, the construction of a big studio on Kazymyr Malevych Street was completed. It became the heart of the Kyiv MediaStar School.
The YouTube era has started, blogging so courses are added to the program. The school becomes Number 1 School in the Ukrainian Media Market according to all the major parameters: the number of students, the number of graduates, the number of graduates working for Ukrainian media market. MediaStar overtakes such A-players as Interschool and School 1+1 Media.
It becomes clear that the growth points and development of the school are already beyond the borders of Ukraine. One of the students of the School, a well-known Ukrainian IT entrepreneur Maxim Slobodyanyuk, invests in the School to develop the online platform.
Kyiv School of MediaStar is executed by Yaroslava Kovtun - Ukrainian TV star and former graduate of the School. Yurii focuses on the online direction of MediaStar development, joining forces with Ukrainian IT companies.

International success and relocation to the United States

Starting 2020 we were a big online educational company. By that time I realized that we should relocate the Company to Silicon Valley.
New headquerter now is located in Cupertino, CA. It meets our ambitions to become the best educational company in the world.



Today MediaStar LLC is a Ukrainian-American international educational company headquartered in Cupertino, California, United States.
MediaStar is a huge educational online platform - 75 000 students worldwide (US, Canada, UK, European Union, Japan, Australia, etc). July, 4th, 2023 we are to celebrate 20 years since founding.

MediaStar is for you if you:

Have always dreamed about a creative public career

Have cool ideas for projects, but don’t know how to implement it

Want to connect your life with publicity

Want to present ideas to the customers and employees, want to do it in a more impactful way

Speak to different audiences and do it more professional

Are planning to develop personal brand and promote your own product or project

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